Malls, Banks, Etc.

EDSA Shangri-la Hotel

Welcome to the Philippines!

CONSAL participants who have plenty of spare time this weekend after the pre-conference workshops need not be bored. The organizers couldn’t have chosen a better place to hold the conference. EDSA Shangri-la Hotel (see photo above) is surrounded by malls, all within walking distance.

Just across the hotel is Shangri-la Plaza (in photo, to the left of hotel), across this mall is EDSA Central and to its west is Starmall. And then there’s SM Megamall (in photo, to the right of hotel), a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Farther down the street is Robinson’s Galleria. At the back of Megamall is the upscale mall Podium.

Most of these malls have banks, should participants want to avail of foreign exchange services but outside banking hours there are legitimate money changers in these malls.

If you’re not sure how to get to these places, don’t hesitate to approach any member of the reception or guest relations committees. Or use MapCentral to find out where all these places are on a map.

Enjoy your stay!


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